I keep crunching on a reply on my blog from 17/06/2014: My Merzbau, and the book I mentioned in that blog. The book gave a great overview from Manet through Conceptualism ... ending with Jeff Koons, Damian Hirst and Banks. Here is the reply:

A long time ago, before everything became digital, I used to develop my own pictures from negatives in a black room. Today, during clean up,  I found these pictures I developed during a trip to Calais in October 1995. I think they still have a contemporary vibe.



Here is my Merzbau (Thing) as an honour to my Art History teacher and Kurt Schwitters.

This is how it started, constructing broken glass with a glue pistol on a fractured transparent vase.




Summer is here (as soon as the clouds go away) ... ! Can't wait for the heat waves to strike us ;). When I think about summer, I make connotations like everyone else, but probably different ...;) .

When I think about summer, I think about Burning Man, an art-event at the end of the summer in the Black Rock Desert. One day, I would love to participate.