I have continued to make changes to my website over the weekend, adding more content and structuring it. Please let me know what your thoughts are.

I also had time to scan in some new (Drawings), as you can see I have used cut-out figures on backgrounds again. I find it interesting to see what effect it gives to the complete picture and I'm certain it will lead me to new insights and more experimenting.





Those who had the time to check out my website may have noticed the new category (Things). I have just added this new (Thing):






This is the easiest pie I have ever came accross, even Amélie nails this on her own (not the oven part of course) and she's five. Straight out the oven or from the fridge, always tastes good! Consider to make two pies at the same time, they will be gone before you even know. ;)


Bon Appetit!