Memory Cards

"M_m_r_  C_rds"
Collages of Cyanotype prints, 25 by 20 cm


A new World Collage Day, a new Coupee Collage Collective international project. This year it is all about typography and collage. Today 100 artists are brought together in the Industry Museum in Ghent, and I am one of them. ;)

When I paint, I use my own photographed snapshots. I am building a library of my memories. Why am I doing that? Am I afraid to forget? Am I afraid of not finding my words as I age?

From my fear of forgetting words, the idea arose to make Memory Cards. I used my own work to make prints on different papers with cyanotype prints. The color of the paper partly determines much of the image. Overexposing, underexposing and inverting also creates interesting variations of the same image. On these Memory Cards I bring these variations together. The vowels of the words that describe the image are still missing, the viewer must fill it in himself. 



Oh, and I took the opportunity to make my own letter box... so that in the future, if I come across a "beautiful letter", I can cut it out, save it and use it later on. ;)



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