Next weekend we are opening our doors for the public to come in and have a conversation. 2500 artists in 1500 studios are doing the same ... you can pick all the studio's you want to visit:

This year, I put a lot of thought in how I wanted to represent my work. There was no time to paint the attic because our focus was making a brand new canvas for my artworks in the entrance hall. I thought about covering a lot of exiting holes and stains on the walls. I was also inspired by the presentation of a colleague of mine that presented his work from floor to ceiling. 

I was also inspired by a visit of two nice people that were repeatedly liking the same colours or combination of colours. I always brag about sorting everything per colour: my library, my clothes, the shampoo bottles in the bathroom. I decided to sort my artworks based on five colour groups for the 5 main walls in my house.

Beige/greyish colours in the entrance hall - green versus orange in the small studio- and blue versus red/pink in the main studio. By grouping colours, the many artworks on a wall don't look that busy. By keeping the rest of the studio very clean and uncluttered, the focus should be on the walls.

Here are some pictures of the set up in progress. We will share more pictures as we progress. We will be ready by next week!



May 6 from 14 to 18h + May 7 from 11 to 17h
Atelier Hilde Goossens
Oudenhovestraat 39, 9620
Sint-Maria-Oudenhove (Zottegem)




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