Family Gathering

"The Birthday party, Winter 2023"
29 by 29 cm - acrylics on paper


It's been more than six weeks since my latest diary fragment, let's pick it up again from where I left it.


Sunday February 26, 2023

Yesterday it was our turn to throw a party for Amélie's birthday. On March 3, she will turn 14 years old. I'm being a mom for 14 years ... something to celebrate too. 

Having everyone over is a bit too busy for my liking, but that's how it goes with family parties. It was nice to have everyone together and it was a good party.

It almost made me forget that winter is lingering on ... I wished we could have spring weather by now. All that cold physically hurts. Maybe we party to forget Winter will return next year. ;)


The cutting of the birthday cake

"The cutting of the cake, Winter 2023"
40 by 29 cm - acrylics on paper

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