Bar Muzet

Detail from "Bar Muza, Lier, Fall 2022"
Acrylics on paper

Saturday November 5, 2023

Yesterday, we returned from Lier, which is quite a distant region that I am not familiar with. Lier has an authentic charm that makes it an excellent destination for a short city trip.


A street in Lier

"A street in Lier, Fall 2022"
29 by 39 cm, Acrylics on paper


However, our trip was not solely for leisure; my daughter had a music camp, and I was there to accompany her. Although it was a lot of fun, it was also challenging as it took me out of my comfort zone. Leaving my dog behind, sleeping in a different bed and eating very different food. 



Bar Muzet  Bar Muzet

Details from "Bar Muza I, II, III, Lier, Fall 2022"
Acrylics on paper


With the start of wintertime, the clocks have shifted one hour, and the darkness arrives quickly in the evening. This next season is difficult for me, and I find myself wishing for the cold to pass and the light to return. Instead of trying to slow down time, I want to speed forward the time when warmth and brightness are back.

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