Detail from "Rectory, Herzele, Fall 2022"
12 by 19 cm, Acrylics on paper in an iron lid


Thursday, October 20, 2022

My weekends always start on Thursday evening, and I am delighted that we are currently experiencing an Indian summer, with warm air from the south sweeping across our region.

Amidst my excitement, I have a workshop scheduled for Saturday that requires some preparation. Additionally, we will be having a dinner celebration to commemorate my late mother-in-law's birthday. I intend to appreciate the moment, despite my struggle to come to terms with her passing.

I also plan to visit some local art initiatives and dedicate some time to painting. I believe that having plans is essential for keeping myself motivated and focused, and good weather helps to make my plans come true. ;)


Herzele   Herzele

"Rectory II, Herzele, Fall 2022"
41 by 29 cm, Acrylics on paper

"The church from Herzele, Fall 2022"
39 by 29 cm, Acrylics on paper



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