De Doelen Rotterdam

Detail from "De Doelen, Rotterdam, Fall 2022"
26 by 30 cm, Acrylics on paper

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Today is my mom's 71st birthday. My daughter and I made the fresh beef stew, my sister brought fresh fries and salad. My mom took care of appetizers and dessert. Good food and good company resulted in a great party.
Also today: a visit to the colourful studio exhibition of Hervé Martijn, organised by Galerie Dessers. Lovely small roads towards Avelgem and a remarkable house. I couldn't stay long, but long enough to get some inspiration. 

Last week I went to Rotterdam by train to visit a possible future location for work. It was nice to be outside and to see something different. I feel more like a globetrotter now.

Tomorrow I have one vernissage on my schedule … and a lot of work in the studio. I'm making an effort to create a blank canvas in my studio so that it can rearrange my artworks on my white walls. So many choices to make!


De Doelen

"The Stairs in the De Doelen, Rotterdam, Fall 2022"
26 by 32 cm, Acrylics on paper


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