I want to create some three-dimensional figures to hang on the wall in my living room, and I'm using all kind of material, but also a lot of glue, and I mean, a lot like in a 5 liter bucket. It's gonna stick!


I want these figures to be colourful, so I'm using this opportunity to clean out my wardrobe with clothes I like, the colours or the patterns, but will probably never wear again. I want to use a lot of fabrics and different colours, and patterns. And glue of course (this actually reminds me of my glue pistol), but also paint. I want to cut a lot of holes in it, and then fix them again. 

The glue is white but will turn out transparent when it is completely dry. I have already noticed that glue dries slower then paint, which is a bummer. I will need a lot of patience to get these finished.

Let's see how this goes! ;)




december 14, 2023 > januari 7, 2024 the green door gallery brussels
march, 2024 flooat aalter
may 4+5, 2024 open studio days



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