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I keep crunching on a reply on my blog from 17/06/2014: My Merzbau, and the book I mentioned in that blog. The book gave a great overview from Manet through Conceptualism ... ending with Jeff Koons, Damian Hirst and Banks. Here is the reply:

I am going to try to find the book you recommend by Gompertz though i hope the story of western art does not end with Jeff Koons ... who i think of as the enemy.

I received a second email with a link to a very enjoyable article that "semi-trashes" Koons. I was confused as I didn't got to the part of Koons yet in that book, thus I hadn't formed an opinion yet about Koons as I was quite unfamiliar with his oeuvre. I find it hard to take time to do the further reading and find out what Gompertz thinks of Koons, but I do understand artists being the enemy of art. It fits well in the discussion, having read about Conceptualism and understanding that a concept can be Art, opening our minds to "more". Koons makes a lot of horrific art. One would assume the artworld is self-regulating, but that would be very naive, in reality it is business and money. As the writer of the article says:  

The very environment he did so much to reengineer, followed by the mad amplification of the luxury economy, has meant that Koons’s art now seems to celebrate the ugliest parts of culture. The rich and greedy buy it because it lauds them for their greediness, their wealth, power, terrible taste, and bad values. 


Go read more about Jeff Koons on the Artsy website. 



While I continue crunching, I also need some color in my wardrobe and some real painting. I had worn this skirt a couple of times, so it was time to add some real spice to it ... and what better color to do just that!

The before pictures:



After painting it orange, leaving some of the white original texture unpainted: