april 15>30, 2023 de intimiteit van papier hamme
may 6+7, 2023 open studio days
may 13>24, 2023 coupee cahier - industriemuseum gent
september 9>24, 2023 de hamse schildersschool en het idcollectief versus het land van de pillecyn hamme


Charleroi Airport

Detail from "Our departure from the Charleroi airport, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm, Acrylics on paper


Friday, August 26, 2022

In the morning, we left for Charleroi airport. It was a pleasant ride along Geraardsbergen and small roads with interesting landscapes. With our light backpacks, it felt easy to travel.

"Termini, Rome, on the way to our hotel, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm, Acrylics on paper


Around 4 pm we arrived at Fiumicino airport, which is still a long ride to Rome. We got on a bus that would take us to Termini, a subway junction. We then continued to the Levanto station which was the subway station closest to our hotel.
Shortly after we checked in, we went for a walk to the Vatican. After that, we continued our walk in search for dinner. We found a suitable terrace that looked very authentic.
We tried to follow our gut when searching our way back to the hotel but lost our direction in this big city. It would not be the last time we would lose orientation.
The subway in Rome

"In the subway of Rome, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm, Acrylics on paper