"Fair, Sombeke, Summer 2022"
28 by 30 cm - Acrylics on paper

Sunday, August 21, 2022

Today we went to the fair in Sombeke, that's my hometown. 

Sombeke is about 4 or 5 streets big. There is not much going on, except when the yearly festivities take place. Every year, we are invited by my parents for lunch and a walk along the flee market towards the fair.

The kids spend some money on the games. They have evolved from the plastic duck fishing to the addictive penny arcade machines. The sound of falling coins makes you want to play. The bonus points tumble down, but the value is meaningless.


family consultation

"Family Consultation at the fair, Sombeke, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm - Acrylics on paper


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