april 15>30, 2023 de intimiteit van papier hamme
may 6+7, 2023 open studio days
may 13>24, 2023 coupee cahier - industriemuseum gent
september 9>24, 2023 de hamse schildersschool en het idcollectief versus het land van de pillecyn hamme




At the end of the Summer of 2020, after the first peak of the pandemic, I received an email from Patric Tuytens. He visited my studio and asked me to make a specific painting for him. His dream was to find a space where he could demonstrate his large collection of artworks and he already knew what he was going to do with my painting. He had a dream. 

Today I visited MErode in Ronse. His dream came true. It is a very large space with a huge collection, displayed in different rooms. The collection is very eclectic but pieces are grouped with some commonalities. It's interesting to discover what was brought together. It is intriguing to see what one man collected.

Today, Sunday November 20, is the last day of the Open Weekend. To visit this collection, you will have to make an appointment or keep an eye on the website for the next Open Days.


de Mérodestraat 2
9600 Ronse


"On my way to Hasselt"
150 by 200 cm - Acrylics on linen 


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