Montecatini Terme

"Inside a palace of marble at Montecatini Terme, Summer 2022"
40 by 28 cm - Acrylics on paper


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

We went to Montecatini Terme today. We arrived quite late and had a drink before going into the center looking for a restaurant. Most of the restaurants were not open and we had to search for a long time before finding a place where we could eat. There was not much life in this city. 

We wanted to visit the Terme Tettuccio, the most famous spa in this area. It is a beautiful classicist building from the 18th century. Inside there was a colonial style cafe. It seemed as if time had stood still at this place. We ended our visit by strolling around the beautiful park that enclosed this marble palace. 


Montecatini Terme

"A silent street in Montecatini, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm - Acrylics on paper



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