"Carnaval, 2004 - I"
40 by 40 cm - Acrylics on canvas



For the upcoming group exhibition, I made 9 new works on canvas, all measuring 40 by 40 cm. The paintings are based on pictures I took long ago, probably in 2005, in Aalst during Carnaval.

Back then, I took a lot of pictures with the idea of ​​using them. Digital photography wasn't around yet. 15 years later I find this pile of printed photos. I notice that there are very few useful or interesting images. However, there is a series of 5 that shows a group with a very interesting costume … a kind of Janus mask. The front of the costume is white and black and very masculine, the back is red and gold and very feminine. A body with two faces. Which face is the real one?  

Today I present you the first three of nine paintings. I will disclose the others in the next few weeks.


You are invited for the vernissage on Saturday September 10 - Kunstkot, Slangstraat 18, 9220 Hamme at 16h.

This group exhibit is in 6 locations and can be visited from September 11 until September 25, every Saturday and Sunday from 14 to 17h.

• Id+Center | Hoogstraat 43 – 9220 Hamme
• B&B La Corderie | Hoogstraat 23 – 9220 Hamme
• Inkomhal gemeentehuis | Markt 1 – 9220 Hamme
• Het Kunstkot | Slangstraat 18 – 9220 Hamme
• Herenhuis Vermeire-Lagae | Slangstraat 53 – 9220 Hamme
• Heemkring De Meesterwoning | Hospitaalstraat 26 – 9220 Hamme (where you can find my contribution to this group exhibition)



"Carnaval, 2004 - I, VI and VIII"
40 by 40 cm - Acrylics on canvas