"Fastgrowing Corn, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm - Acrylics on paper


Sunday, July 3, 2022

I have painted a lot this morning. The sun is present with pleasant temperatures for a walk with our dog. The horses were eating collectively along our route. The corn is growing well. Every day I see growth and more leaves. 

Maybe I'll do another bike ride today. Bake something? Good ingredients for a quiet Sunday.



"The empty footballfield at the Langendries, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Summer 2022"
27 by 27 cm - Acrylics on paper



Monday, July 4, 2022

I've had an active day today. At 9 am I went for a walk with Gizmo. Then I concentrated on painting. I am happy with the work I have painted. I have good hopes for my next publication.

I invested time to read. The pile of books to return to the library is getting higher and higher. Two more books are now waiting on my desk.  I went for a bike ride along my usual trail. Along the football field and the Mijnwerkspad.

I also wanted to water the plants today, but that has not happened. Tomorrow I'll water the plants, I promise. 


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