"I felt honoured at this magical performance, Oostende, Spring 2022"
25 by 35 cm - Acrylics on paper


Sunday, June 5, 2022 - part two

I want to write about yesterday ...

After my visit to Mu.zee, it was time to visit the local academy where a friend would give a performance. I ran into them in the courtyard of the venue. They were on their way to a local cafe. We had a drink in a cool bar with an unusual interior named ZIGZAG. Then we went back to the academy where the performance was.

The performance was based on the personal story of her life. Towards the end it dawned on me why she was wearing the same sweater where she'd given that speech I wrote about. I had created three works with her as the subject and written a text entitled A sea of ​​love. I knew that text had touched her deeply and her husband had bought these three works. At the end of her performance, her recorded voice began to talk about what she still wants to do, and what she doesn't want to do anymore: her bucket list. She went backstage to get my three paintings of her and placed them on stage one by one while her recorded voice continued. Then she went backstage one more time to get that jacket that she also wore in the paintings. She put on the coat and quietly stood on the podium. Then she imitated the movements I had captured on canvas. A re-enactment of what she still wants to do: speak and be with people. I felt honoured and flattered that she had integrated me and my artworks so intensely into her performance.

I didn't arrive at my parents place until ten to seven, 50 minutes later than planned. Still, I took the time to catch up with them before going for a drink with the people of our Art Collective in a green garden in Hamme. As I drove home I was accompanied by heavenly lights and lightning ... it felt like a magical moment and gave me a fulfilled feeling about this day.



"I drank a refreshing Lemonade at this unconventional pub, Oostende, Spring 2022"
35 by 25 cm - Acrylics on paper

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