Detail from "On the way to Mu.zee I, Ostend, Spring 2022"
36 by 26 cm - Acrylics on paper


Sunday, June 5, 2022 - part one

I want to write about yesterday. I'll try to stick to a chronological order.

I immediately found a parking space 10 minutes from the center of Ostend. I bought something to eat and discovered that the center of Ostend was really big. There were many small and pleasant streets filled with restaurants and people. I continued to the Romestraat where Mu.zee is. Mu.zee is a museum with a large collection of Belgian Art from the 19th century to today. The permanent collection is really worth your visit. The exhibition on Belgian/Argentine Art also contained a few gems. The building itself is a great asset: a former department store where traces of the past were only recently uncovered. 

Back in 2006 this museum was called the PMMK and I had one of my artworks in this museum. I won a competition about a contemporary approach of the work of Ensor and I was one of the three artists selected. I have some nice memories from this place.


To be continued.



"On the way to Mu.zee I-II-III, Ostend, Spring 2022"
36 by 26 cm - Acrylics on paper

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