"I thought I had no time to stop, instead I took some pictures, Brussels, Spring 2022"
150 by 150 cm - Acrylics on linen on Alu-frame


Friday, March 25, 2022

Busy Friday has arrived! I got up at 6:59 am. A few minutes later I had a brush in my hand. Not a toothbrush. I also did some work in the garden: adding some plants I purchased the day before. One of those plants was an "expressive rhododendron", its flowers are still closed but the future looks magenta.

Around half past eleven I left for Brussels. My goal was to visit the Affordable Art Fair, hunt interesting work and find inspiration. I passed by an outdoors lounge area with food, drinks and a lot of people. The weather was good and the atmosphere was very cosy. I felt like I didn't have time to stop. Always hurried, never taking time to just chill. Instead I took some pictures that could turn into an interesting composition.

I returned to my car and I continued my trip with some artworks that were going to be framed. My next stop was to pick up paint.  I was in the car for at least 3 hours that day ... at the sleep-inducing speed of 90 km/h due to the smog alarm.

I still found time to enjoy the sun during my walk with Gizmo the dog, so looking back I could have had the time to stop. I went grocery shopping and cooked. I left the kitchen completely clean afterwards. I loaded a washing machine. I wrote in my diary. I finished all my lists. +1 for me ;).



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