"A fleeting walk past the Old Post Building, Korenmarkt Ghent, February 2022"
80 by 80 cm, Acrylics on canvas


Monday, March 14, 2022

I already made a painting based on the front of the old post office on the Korenmarkt in Ghent. I enjoyed the process and I was excited with the result, so I decided to make a second version.

This time, I'm showing more of that eclectic building. The base colour is much lighter this time, so the impact of the base layer is less present. The size of this artwork is bigger, 80 by 80 centimeters, compared to the smaller first version that measured 40 by 40 cm. The scale is about the same.

I worked about a week on this artwork. Every day I added transparant layers on existing layers. These new layers created depth and contrast, highlighting the places that were lit up by the sun. I enjoyed to make both these works. I like them together too, side by side like family ;).



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