Today, I got out of bed early and thought it would be a good idea to start this Sunday with a painting. This quick sketch is based on another image I took on the day I visited Lessines and the old hospital "Notre-Dame à la Rose".

We parked our car a few streets away from the center of Lessines at this old warehouse-type building. A yellow brick building with a minimal look. I immediately noticed this building when we walked by and decided within a few seconds that I would take pictures on our way back. I knew right away that I wanted to use this building in one of my next paintings.

I was able to recreate this image on a small canvas with a minimal number of colours and brushstrokes. I only used four colours, one of these four colours is used as a base for the painting and is a reference to the yellow brick building. The other three colours, dark blue, grey and white, were added to the ochre base layer to form the shape of the building. A very simple result but a strong composition with enough suggestion to feel the minimal shapes of the building in front of you.