And here they are: the Instax pictures that inspired me to make a serie of paintings. It's still an active project. Four artworks out of that serie are on display in the exhibit that opened last Friday in The Netherlands: The Myth of Emptiness. Instax, that's like polaroid but smaller (and cheaper). I was able to make a couple of good ones on the airports I went through during my trip to Faro and Sevilla. We flew from Charleroi Airport to Sevilla, and back of course. 

Small little miracles that start as a fresh white canvas, slowly revealing the image. The process is awesome. It's just fun to do. It's nostalgia and brings me back to memories of a much younger me standing in a dark room under red light, watching white paper in chemical baths revealing the magic of photography. One bath to develop, one bath to stop the development process and the last one to fixate. Aaah, back in the days when photography was difficult, not that Instax is difficult, and was leaving room for so many errors and flaws ... beautiful errors we are missing out on in today's automated world where you can take as many shots as you want to strive for perfection. Perfection is boring! Today there is much more quantity, but I'm having doubts about the quality.

Instax: the image is 6 cm high and 4.5 cm wide. Small simplified scenes with big contrasts and little details, ready to be blown up. And reflections, please notice the beautiful reflections. Reflections on the shiny floors of these recognisable waiting area's. Mirrored characters. Beautiful reflections that prelude the abstraction, already prepped to serve as a draft for my paintings.


From 3 to 18 september 2016 - De Ouverture - Cadzand-Bad, Netherlands. From thursdays to sundays, from 14 to 17h.


Selected Works Grouped by Year

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