Reworking this image was not as easy as the previous ones I did, it was actually more like a struggle.

On one hand it is fun when the painting goes smooth and easy and the result is as expected or even better. I have had a couple of these "wow" moments, and most of the time it happens very quickly, I'm working very quick and at a high pace. It is very rewarding and boosts the confidence, I get a kick out of those moments. 

On the other hand, easy teaches you almost nothing. The artworks that require some struggling, and that push you to search for (visual) solutions, those are the ones that make you a better painter and instigate a learning process. I started last Sunday with this mixed media artwork, so it took me three days, which, to my standards, is way too long. I wanted to give up, scratch the collage of and start over with something new, but I didn't, because that would be easy and thus boring. I stood up to my demons and continued, changed the colours, removed some visual elements, rechanged the colours, added some new visual elements, and changed the colours for a third time. I challenged myself, and I learned a lot!

Let's say I will keep this mantra, for a while at least. Easy is boring, so I'm going to choose for the hard way. ;