I have revisited this painting for some well thought reasons and also took some time to decide how to take it further. I didn't wanted this third version to be the same as the 2 previous versions. We have painted all our walls in white recently, and this painting needs a dark background.

I have used a transparent warmer colour that kept the light in the painting. The big white part in the front, that firstly made me think of a cartoon frame has been replaced with the top of bus furniture. I used the colour to bring the actors to the front and uplight the mood of the scene, doesn't she looks happier?




Although the expression of the actors is different, and thus also the connotation, three blue versions would be too much. Above is also another process: On the left is a small 20 by 20 cm, on the right the scene was enlarged to 70 by 100 cm.


Which one do you prefer, version three or version three revisited?