I'm in my experimental mode and I like it!

I have been working with paint on glass for the last three days. I'm looking at how the paint transforms when an imprint is taken with a sheet of paper that removes some of the paint, makes the shapes less clear and deforms with every imprint I make. The imprints on paper themselves are also interesting, and I'm certain they will be reused in one of my bigger artworks. Today, I have kept it a bit more minimalistic, using only black paint. The last image of six is the back of the glass plate; a lot of paper got stuck during the process and also delivers an interesting image.

I like to show evolution, to see and show the different steps and create a new dynamic image from these different phases. It is of course also very usable as an (Experiment). Not only the end result, but also the process of getting there are both as interesting to me. New (Experiments) from today and yesterday will pop up soon.