29/09/2014: Happy monday!


I had a productive week last week and a lot to show, there is even more to show from last week: drips, drops and dots.

The canvas below (60 by 80 cm) is a rework from the painting in 16/07/2014: Undecided. I liked what was there, but it missed some spice. It took me some time to finish it, I was mostly looking at it for a couple of evenings in a row. Turning it in all different directions. I decided for this direction, horizontal, because now I see all sorts of things: I see a moose, an african mask, a lady hugging a tree, an oriental spa-house, a golden crown, maybe even a palm tree. Although I claim this is abstract, I do like to look at an abstract painting and see things in them, although not purposely intended, let my creative mind go wild ... Well, let me know what you see in it.

I wish you a productive week!


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