"They strike in sync, Zottegem, Summer 2022"
32 by 25 cm - Acrylics on paper


Saturday, June 18, 2022

I had problems to fall asleep last night, it was too hot. This morning, I slept longer than usual, I probably needed that extra hour of sleep. 

In the early afternoon, Amélie had a group concert of Viola, we all went there together. It was warm in the chapel ... it must have been even warmer for the children.

I hope it cools off soon, because here in my attic it's actually too hot to sit and paint, and I want to paint. I'm working on some images on paper and have already given a first layer this morning. I hope to give it more layers soon.


Sunday, June 19; 2022

Yesterday evening we went to Jazz Zottegem. After Philip Catherine there was a nice brass act of three that walked around and played recognisable contemporary tunes. We didn't stay long, but long enough to feel like we'd been out for a while, just being out and amongst people.

This morning it is rainy. It has completely cooled down and I love it.

I still feel a bit tired. I think it's just all a bit much with the recent events. It will get better soon. On Wednesday my mother-in-law's funeral will take place. That is going to be a hard day. Soon, I will have 2 months off. It is good that more free time is coming up. Just to clear my head and then make fresh plans again. 


"An act of three, Zottegem, Summer 2022"
26 by 26 cm - Acrylics on paper


en route - group exhibition - dendermonde - september 8, 2024
group exhibition - contemporary art space, zottegem - november 2024
open studio days - may 17+18, 2025
vacation memories - solo exhibition - groenhove, torhout - september 2025