april 15>30, 2023 de intimiteit van papier hamme
may 6+7, 2023 open studio days
may 13>24, 2023 coupee cahier - industriemuseum gent
september 9>24, 2023 de hamse schildersschool en het idcollectief versus het land van de pillecyn hamme



A pull-off dress is a dress made from pull-offs.



I wanted to make a dress from paper for a while. Now was a good opportunity as a lot of the pull-offs were laying around, spread on the ground with no destination but the recycle bin. I also had cut-outs from 27/07/2014: Working with paint on glass - part 3 which I used on the back of this dress, adding some drama. Other materials were pulled-off or better ripped-off from other experiments I made in the past. It's all been kept together with different types of tape.

After taking the images, the dress was pulled-off again, as is the procedure for an official pull-off dress. ;)