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I have read this lovely written article from Alexandra Peers on about this current situation where Fashion is not Art, but it is entering our museums.

Is that a bridge too far?

It appears to be for the author who brings in a lot of good arguments. Unfortunately I don't agree with the author. I think Fashion will soon, if it is not already, be seen as an important expression of Art.



Let's go back to basics. I was thought that culture just means the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular social group. Hence, a group of apes sharing bananas is "a culture". I have the feeling most people give a different connotation to that word: the arts and other manifestations of higher human intellectual achievement. When I'm using the word culture, I don't mean higher culture, intellectual culture. It is just the behavior of a social group.

I was thought that Art is the expression or application of human creative skills and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. I have the feeling most people only use this word to indicate or to group what they perceive qualitative and worthy. When I'm using the word Art and Culture, I'm not adding any value or level to these words.

Not that long ago, photography was invented, and it took a long time before this form of Art was accepted as Art. Think of collages, installations and Street Art who have made their way and are now incorporated and viewed as Art. I have made that mistake myself when I was a lot younger. There was a time I thought the only thing important was "Art", thus: painting, drawing, sculpture ... the classic stuff. But I have evolved, I actually regret not having this insight 20 years ago, I was stubborn and it blinded me, I though the classical art directions wouldn't be a good investment for my future so I did my parents a favor and I didn't take a look at the applied arts directions. It landed me into various jobs that have been mostly administration, meanwhile I crave for creativity. Weird twist: between the time I have started writing this blog and finishing it, I have been fired from work. Am I getting a second chance? Will I take it?


So, I object that Fashion cannot be Art. I have other arguments: What would change a dress when it would have been painted on by Picasso or Mondriaan ... yes, THEN it would be Art. What if Picasso made some pottery and painted on it ... yes, THEN it would be art ... o wait ... he actually did that and it is exhibited in museums! Many (fashion) designers have turned themselves to Art, hiring artists for their projects. Building a relationship that reflects upon their brand to lift up their image. It's a mixed up world, but to me, I see fashion as a really interesting Art direction that I’m following closely. I applaud that Fashion is entering our museums, and I regularly visit them myself. And yes, these exhibits are very well made and very approachable ... I can only applaud that too. Hooray to free speech!


Meanwhile my daughter of five has turned my livingroom into an almost Burning Man-esque mini festival. She's planning on hanging curtains made of paper to the ceiling and she has covered one of the windows of a door.