18/05/2014: Just finished the new (Thing)



I just finished the (thing) I had started on friday. It might change in the future, it might even change everytime it ends up in the laundry bin. Let's see! ;)



I also cleaned up my attic (again), and found back this old book from 1939 and I just love the cover! It's about etiquette, good behaviour, written in old Dutch and very dogmatic as expected. It belonged to my grandfather, and some notes are made in pencil.

On page 7, the word "emancipation" is underlined. It is used in this context: There is an urge for a new way of life due to all sorts of recent inventions such as cars, telephone, radio, etcetera ... and also because the increasing emancipation of the women, who strive for absolute equality with men, and if necessary would even work outside of their homes to try to become undependent.

I can't ask him why he underlined it as he passed away long time ago, but I have 2 theories: he didn't know what it was or he was afraid of it. ;)