"A walk with Gizmo, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Summer 2022"
27 by 27 cm - Acrylics on paper



Saturday, July 2, 2022

On the schedule today: one birthday party.

I have also selected some images from yesterday. I want to make preliminary studies to prepare for larger paintings, checking whether compositions can work. For me, a preliminary study is a first simplification. My photos contain too much details and I try to remove a lot of details during this simplification and only keep the essence. I prefer to work on canvas right away, but then I would need an extra house to store all that work on canvas. Paper is easier to stack. Making preliminary studies is therefore a part of of my workflow.

Todays' party was fun. I ended the day with a short walk with Gizmo and a warm bath. The dog is getting better, this morning I quickly returned because Gizmo was very slow. He is still recuperating from the stomach infection he had at the beginning of the week. This evening he was more like his old self, sniffing everything a few meters ahead of me.


"Painting, Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, Summer 2022"
28 by 28 cm - Acrylics on paper



march 9 > 24, 2024 - promenades - flooat gallery, aalter
april 20 > may 12, 2024 - thuis - kunstkamer oudenaarde
may 4+5, 2024 - open studio days
may 10+11+12, 2024 - kunst in de huiskamer, sombeke


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