april 15>30, 2023 de intimiteit van papier hamme
may 6+7, 2023 open studio days
may 13>24, 2023 coupee cahier - industriemuseum gent
september 9>24, 2023 de hamse schildersschool en het idcollectief versus het land van de pillecyn hamme



Last week I visited the center of Ghent. The excellent Design Museum Ghent is further expanding and will close until 2024. I wanted to visit this museum before it shuts its doors on March 7. The presentation of the current exhibit was top-notch as I expected. You will have to act quick if you want to go see it! 

It was still early when I left the Design Museum. I continued my trip towards the shopping street to run some errands. Typical for this location are the tourist boats that give you an exceptional view on Ghent. I have taken a couple of tours in the past and they were always worth my time. From the water, the perspective is much different and unusual. 

On my way, I took some images with my cellphone. In this small painting below you can see a tiny detail of a picture I took when I crossed the bridge over the Leie. On top of this page, I have added two preliminary images of this same composition to show you the early stage of how I work.

There were no tourists yet and the whole scenery was very quiet so I moved on towards the Korenmarkt ...