18/07/2021: A vacation close to home


When I was a kid, me and my family didn't travel in the summer months. Our vacation away from home took place in April, during the Easter holidays. We drove by car to a place within a range of 3 to 5 hours, mostly to a rented vacation home. These trips were well planned and based on research from my dad. All the local musea and interesting cities, castles and buildings were scheduled to be visited.

During the summer months, we stayed home. We had a small pool in our garden that entertained us all day long. We went on bicycle tours or a day trip to the sea or a city.

For many kids of my age, this was very normal. The average income didn't have the possibility to take a plane with a family of 5. We only started to travel further when we were +18 and started to earn our own money. Traveling by plane became very normal for a long time and also much more affordable. The recent breakout of COVID is changing us again. Our new normal is different from our previous normal. Our previous goal was to become a world traveler, but for now, we prefer that vacation close to home.

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