22/04/2019: My solo at CC De Meent, Alsemberg



Until May 10th, you can go visit my solo exhibition in Cultural Center De Meent in Alsemberg, near Brussels. 

For this exhibition, I decided to add a narative layer. An additional suggestive layer to my already suggestively painted canvasses. The topic of my paintings remain the same, I'm on my way and I paint what I see. I wanted the paintings to connect to each other and add more meaning by placing them together, like a story. I hope you can find the time to visit, but I have added all the pictures of the exhibition so you can search for the links between the canvasses.


CC De Meent
Gemeenveldstraat 34
1652 Alsemberg/Beersel
open from Monday until Friday, between 08.30h-12.00h and 15.00h-17.00h - not open on festive holidays
free entrance


More info: website of CC De Meent


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