28/12/2017: Starting a new project


I have started a new project for Jardin D'Amis, an outdoor group exhibit I'm taking part in for the fourth year. 

This years general theme for Jardin D'Amis is movement. I was thinking of making a mobile and researched Calder, but my gut spoke out to stay closer to my true self and my own imagery.  I have fused the thoughts behind my previous outdoor projects and the paintings I have been working on in the last 3 months.

In all of my outdoor projects, contrast is very important. How can you make the biggest contrast against nature? I have chosen again to use plastic as material and black/white as colors. Another constant in my outdoor projects is the transparency I use to let the surroundings become a part of the artwork. All the individual pieces are assembled as a mobile, so the wind can play with this artwork.



Since it is being assembled in my studio, you can also have a sneak preview this Friday. 


Open Atelier - Oudenhovestraat 39- 9620 Sint-Maria-Oudenhove - Belgium - from 17h until 21h