27/12/2017: Open Studio


The upcoming Friday will be the last of the 4 Fridays that I have opened my studio for the audience to come in and see a new series. This series will be split up very soon. A part of them will will be next up in SQuare42 in Ostend starting on the Night of the Musea and Galleries in February. I will be having another group exhibit on that same weekend in Ghent, so some of the artworks from this series will go to Ghent. However, I'm considering doing a mash-up with some older beauties at that groep exhibit in Gallery Resonans in Ghent. I'm thinking about it ... ;).

I have added a big part of the images from this series to my work page. Go check them out!


For this blogpost, I'm using one of the artworks I'm most proud off. I already added a miniature painting that was 30 by 30 cm, but I also tackled a 100 by 100 cm canvas, which was a challenge. While the miniature was a group of stains, repeating the composition on this big canvas left room for lines, more detail and more defined bodies. Below is the full image.



Meanwhile, I have started up a new project for Jardin D'Amis, an outdoor group exhibit I'm taking part in for the fourth year. I'll drop some pictures tomorrow from the early steps of this project. I already can tell you that I have fused the thoughts behind the previous projects for Jardin D'Amis with this new series of paintings. 

Since it is being assembled in my studio, you can also have a sneak preview this Friday. 


Open Atelier - Oudenhovestraat 39- 9620 Sint-Maria-Oudenhove - Belgium - from 17h until 21h