02/07/2017: Köttbullar with Amélie: version 2


Here is the second version of Köttbullar with Amélie, much different in color than the first version. I'm also adding another image of the work in progress next to the finished painting to give more background about the process.

I turned the first version of this image I took at Ikea 180°, and the same happened to this second version. But with this second version I again turned it 180° to its original composition. The result is a painting that can be presented in both ways ... almost like there is no top and there is no bottom. I like this ambiguity.

After finishing this work in november of 2016, I have made much more artworks that don't have a distinct top or bottom, which later led to focussing on the reflections of my characters on the shiny floors in my scènes. 




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