18/06/2017: Köttbullar with Amélie: version 1


With my solo exhibit at Gallery Huis Huis that started last weekend, it's time to release some images of the artworks. A detail of the painting above (80 by 80 cm) featured as the image that was used to promote my exhibit. It's one of my favourites. It's title is "Köttbullar with Amélie" and has another version in different colours.

Köttbullar are the meatballs you can eat at Ikea, and Amélie is my eight year old daughter. Amélie loves to go eat at Ikea, the standing in line with your plate and taking the glasses, the cutlery, napkins, salt and peper and additional sauce cups ... , and of course: getting a coin and a cone to finish her favourite dinner experience with a dessert she gets herself at the soft ice cream machine. It just makes her happy ... and when she is happy, I am too.

At one of these occasions I took some images with my cellphone. I was interested in the ceiling of the industrial room made to feel like a cosy restaurant. The high ceiling has different layers, and has all the facilities like airco and power visible, with light sticking out and hanging on long wires. The structure of the building and ceiling are taking more than 75% of this artwork, because, to me it was a very interesting part of this image.

When I started the 2 versions of "Köttbullar with Amélie" simultaneously, I ended up rotating these 2 canvasses 180° and redoing the image over the original image and kept it/integrated it into the new painting, which is still very visible.

Here are 2 images of this artwork in progress, showing the "before rotating it by 180°" and the "after". 




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