10/03/2017: Crux Interpretum



This Sunday March 12th, the groupexhibit around the theme "Crux Interpretum" will open in ID+, Hamme. I have also participated with my own interpretation of the cross.

For this work I have used a cross-like shape in the composition as a visual thing, rather than go into the theme of the cross as a substantive theme. I did choose to have all my characters with their back towards the viewer. All the characters in this scene are leaving of fleeing, they are going somewhere. Other biblical connotations are a product of your brain, not mine. ;)

I have added some pictures below of the evolution of this artwork. I like the simplicity of the early stages, and later in the process, I had to simplify this artwork again to have more focus on the cross composition that divides this artwork in separate blocks. I have done this before: slice up a canvas in separate regions, separate scenes or even separate realities, and during the making of this artwork, I was slightly more conscious about it.


Crux Interpretum, March 12 - April 9 2017, ID+ Hamme
Vernissage: Sunday March 12th at 16h
Finissage with lunch: Sunday April 9th at 11h - please register
Visiting hours: Saturdays and Sundays from 14 to 18h.


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