05/04/2016: Cups

Cups Cups

The vernissage of my new exhibit at ID+ Art Center was on Sunday. You can check out the images of that afternoon, where 4 new exhibits were launched on the website of ID Collectief.

One of the things I wanted to add to the exhibit was a part of my studio, the cups I use to mix my paint. I made a structure, a pyramid of cups, making a connection with the title of the exhibit, which is "Structures".

The title refers to the horizontal and vertical structures I use to build up my paintings. How we think, in patterns, is another direction I considered while I was briskly brushing these paintings.


At first sight, the paintings of Hilde Goossens can strike the viewer as fleeting, sketchy and tachistic compositions: a world of paint, stain, gesture and movement, brushed briskly across the canvas in a pale saturated color palette of warm, monotone blue-gray, ocher brown and moss-green hues. These broken colors rival with recessed whites and grays, creating a rhythmic game of visual concentrations that not only emphasize the permanent light, but also the evocative sense of space and atmosphere that is almost literally airy. Her figuration is rooted in a surreal imagery - alienation and an immense silence -however, she has a romantic melancholic slant in tone and in a radically realistic idiom. The anonymous man in the crowd. Volatility and tranquility clash theatrically like two mischievous riders. Fascinated by the current visual culture, she rearranges these incentives to images from the ordinary, the strange, the unbearable and the impossible. A pictorial game that simply relies on the power of her imagination and craft skill to evoke emotions and moods.


There is also a publication made available, which you can order by sending me a message or by clicking on the image below.

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