11/05/2015: Sh*t, I don’t have a style! But ... I have a good reason for that!


Drying Laundry


Whenever I tell people that I’m a painter, the same question always follows: what style do you have?

I don’t have an answer to this question so I go into putting on a painful face and making strange noises … mmm … yeah … well … . If I end up NOT losing the interest of my conversational partner … I usually come up with a “difficult to describe”.

I experiment all the time, so my style changes and evolves all the time. There will be some factors that are the same, like my use of lines, or my colours, my themes … . There is often abstraction, there is always figuration, it’s modern art and I would like to call it contemporary … . But if I would describe my style I wouldn’t throw all these words, I would like to say it’s … evolving, or even volatile! That would be more honest.

The above artwork is a figuration of drying laundry, brought in an abstract style ... . The transparent layers that allow the previous layers to be shown, that is something that is typically me. But I wouldn't be able to tell you which "style" this is.

Should I worry about having no fixed style? I don’t think so, it’s just me wanting to experiment all the time, and I actually have some good reasons for that.


Why do I experiment?

First of all, I want to improve myself. Nothing wrong with that right? And what not to do when you are trying to improve is to stand still or linger.

I also just love to experiment, and to use new techniques. I see every new painting as a response to the previous painting, and I use the experiment to tackle visual problems I ran into. Painting is a process, not a collection of moments or results.

And at last, I don’t like to repeat myself. I don’t like to do things twice in the same way. It’s just my personality I guess. I use the experiment to find new ways to express myself, and the urge to express myself is as big as the urge to experiment and become better.

Now that I have sorted this out, I will know what to answer next time I get inquired about my style, instead of blowing up the conversation. ;)



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