19/11/2014: Enlarged, mirrored and deformed



I finished this canvas yesterday night, and received the best compliment today from my 5 year old daughter. I forgot I had hanged it on the wall in the living room, so as we were getting ready for school and going through the living room, she suddenly stopped and said: "wow, that's pretty ... did you do that?".

By the way: she's planning on becoming better than me, that is something I will definitely support.

The above canvas is 90 by 70 centimeters and a reused image from: 10/11/2014: Marching in the dark. I enlarged it and mirrored two of the characters displayed on the canvas. I used a projector and a little piece of plastic on which I drew the image. This process deforms the image, but I like that, it's like having plastic surgery to achieve perfection but the opposite happens: you're further away from perfection. 

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